The Fourth Way:

Meeting society’s ecological, social and economic challenges.

A New Economics for Sustainable Development

This website is dedicated to a better future for all – for present and future generations. Welcome!


“That action is best which procures the greatest happiness for the greatest numbers.”

Francis Hutcheson, Ulster-Scots philosopher, 1694-1746

This website presents proposals for a radical overhaul of mainstream economics and our monetary system, as a basis for worldwide sustainable development.

Are you concerned about where the world is headed? What the future will be like for your children, for present and coming generations? Then take a minute to check out this website. It gives access to several freely downloadable publications that aim to contribute to a better world for people today and for future generations. The publications describe and analyze society’s challenges, explain what keeps us from addressing them more effectively, and suggests what we should about it.


The problem

Humanity is facing a host of problems that threaten our future and even more so, that of future generations. Climate change, depletion of ecosystems and natural resources, pollution, lack of fresh water, loss of agricultural land, economic stagnation, financial crises, social division and unrest, and political turmoil threaten the livelihoods, health and lives of billions of people.

Yet at the same time technological progress gives society more and ever increasing opportunities to address these issues. Science and technology offer solutions, but these are not implemented on the required scale and sometimes, not at all. All those concerned with the future of their loved ones, and that of humanity as a whole, should ask themselves two questions: Why is this so? And what can we do about it?



This website aims to provide answers to those questions. It analyzes what inhibits society from applying solutions to our major ecological, economic and social challenges. And it points out the changes that are needed to allow application of solutions on the scale required. It does so through five publications that can be downloaded for free as pdfs.

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The main arguments presented on this site and in the publications have been summarized in ten propositions


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