The Primacy of Private

Private enterprise, public service, and markets: alternatives for private, profit-oriented production (2018).

This book aims to develop new thinking on economic development. It assesses whether, as is generally assumed, an economy based on private, profit-oriented enterprise serves society best, or whether there might be alternatives that align the benefits of private enterprise with the public interest.

The Primacy of Private puts into question the belief, universally adhered to today, that profit-oriented business is best for the economy and for society. It analyzes briefly the background of this belief: the economic dogma that private enterprise, being subject to the discipline of the market, is more efficient and therefore better than public enterprise. It discusses the pros and cons of private enterprise, and possible alternatives. The starting point is the common good,  leading to the following key question: what form or forms of enterprise and production are best for society as a whole, that is, generate the most prosperity and wellbeing for the largest majority of both current and future generations? Or, in other words, what types of business and production can be best aligned with societal objectives, in what circumstances and under what conditions?

STILL UNDER ELABORATION: This (short) book will become available in the course of 2018

A preliminary summary of the main arguments of The Primacy of Private can be found here.